Trump Ocean Club Panama Inauguration Fireworks & Flooding

Trump Ocean Club Panama, Luxury International Hotel & Casino

Donald Trump visited Panama July 6, 2011 to take part of the Trump Ocean Club Panama’s inauguration ceremony.   Trump Ocean Club is at Punta Pacifica, Panama (see map below).  At noon Donald Trump received the press on the 70-storey building promoted as a luxury hotel & casino.  There were heavy rains this afternoon in Panama and the news reported both Donald Trump and Panama President Ricardo Martinelli, who also participated of the inauguration ceremony, had problems with the flooding right in front of the building.  Rain was really heavy and the area is known for localized flooding which recede quickly after the rains.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the activity.  The building is still in construction as shown by the tower crane on top of the building.  Main area must have been ready and probably a good number of the hotel rooms.  I was comfortably watching cable on my apartment when flashes and bangs reminded of the inauguration.  About 9:00 PM local time, the inauguration fireworks started.  After five minutes of fireworks I decided to get my camera.  I got another five minutes of fireworks that I’m sharing with you.  The whole firework show must have lasted more than 15 minutes total.

Update:  I have seen a lot of interest in the flooding situation during the inauguration day.  Many of the search referrals include the word flooding.  I wanted to share the following video, taken by nishaglam and posted on YouTube, of the flooding in front of the Trump Ocean Club Panama.  You can see this video and visit nishaglam channel here.



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