STRI’s Punta Culebra Research Center

STRI Punta Culebra

Panamá City provides its visitors and Panamanians many great places to visit.  One of these is Punta Culebra Research Center. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) initiative, the Punta Culebra Research Center, focuses in the education and awareness of marine sciences and environments, specifically the history and understanding of the Panamanian and Central America ocean habitats.

Rocky Shore

Punta Culebra Research Center consists of a series of open exhibits of natural life and natural environments the visitor can interact with, a marine science museum and trails within the center.  Every station provides clearly written explanations in Spanish and English.  The stations design provokes the curiosity of the reader and are entertaining.


Punta Culebra Research Center is located in The Causeway on the Pacific Ocean and provides an excellent view on the Panama Canal Pacific entrance.  As an added bonus you will be able to see the vessel entering the Panama Canal, as well as, the Las Americas Bridge.  The following map will aid you driving to the research center.

Panama Canal Anchorage Area

At the tip of Punta Culebra, you can see the Pacific Anchorage Area of the Panama Canal.  When a vessel arrive at the Canal, they need to radio in for a turn to cross the canal.  They are given coordinates where they proceed to anchor and wait for their turn to cross the canal.  The Punta Culebra Research Center have a telescope in this area for viewing of the Causeway and the Anchorage areas.


Right next to the telescope are the Aquariums with Caribbean and Pacific ecosystems.   The aquariums feature a variety of fish, corals, starfish and other sea life with the elements found in their natural ecosystem.  You can make side by side comparisons of the Caribbean and Pacific ecosystems.


An air-conditioned building house these aquariums.  A couple of steps away, you can visit an open aquarium featuring starfish, sea cucumbers, sting rays, sharks and turtles.

Hands On Aquarium

Visitors are allowed to touch the marine life at this aquarium.  After washing your hands, you can touch this beautiful animals.

STRI’s Punta Culebra Research Center is an excellent option to visit with the family.  If you visit Panamá City don’t miss this attraction which is right at the city.

Causeway from Punta Culebra

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