Hard Rock Cafe, Panamá

HRC Panamá

UPDATE 06-Nov-2013: I’m sad to report Hard Rock Cafe at Multi Centro Mall closed on September 2013.  The restaurant experience was unique and I will miss HRC.  You can now visit Hard Rock Cafe Hotel Megapolis across the street from Multi Centro.

Last Wednesday, April 27, 2011, we visited Hard Rock Café (HRC), located at MultiCentro Mall, to dine after my wife shopping spree.  As always, you can’t “just” eat at HRC; it is much more than a restaurant.  HRC always present a vibrant atmosphere, and gets involved with the community.

We were surprised to find the place packed full on a Wednesday.  We always see HRC crammed with people on Fridays and Saturday, with the live rock band playing or the karaoke night.  (Yes we’re regulars and biased!)  Well, we stumbled with the launch of the Ringo Starr Signature Series-28 to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Panamá.  You can follow the link provided to find out about Nicolás’ wish, granted by HRC.  The Panamanian singer Makano carried out functions as ambassador of the foundation.   We made our contribution to the activity, trying the Wish Drink specially prepared for the occasion.

HRC Ringo Starr Signature Series 28

If you are an expat in Panama, you will feel at home in HRC.  There is no other place in Panamá that shouts Rock & Roll so loudly.  The international and local crowds equally enjoy the experience provided by HRC.

Website.  Hard Rock Cafe – Panamá

Location.  MultiCentro Mall houses Hard Rock Café – Panamá on the second floor, looking over the  Balboa Avenue, in Punta Paitilla area of the very dynamic Panamá City.  You can get access to HRC through the mall’s main entrance on Balboa Ave. and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.  Nowadays, technology aids us with locations, so I include a map for you.  Centered in the map is MultiCentro Mall and HRC.

Parking.  Since HRC Panamá is inside the MultiCentro Mall, you can use the mall’s parking, which is plentiful.  There are two entrances to the multi level parking, one on Balboa Avenue and the other by the Radisson Decapolis.  Entry levels are sometimes full, but if you go up to other levels, parking should be easy to find.  There are entrances to the mall at various points, minimizing the walk within the parking area.  Overall the parking availability and convenience is GOOD.

HRC Atmosphere

Atmosphere.  HRC Panamá has an excellent atmosphere, being true to its theme: Rock & Roll.  The combination of lighting, memorabilia, decoration, video screens and music blend to provide an enjoyable and energetic evening.  Then, you can add the regular and special activities in HRC.  Live bands playing at HRC attracts a diverse crowd.  Karaoke nights provides opportunities for singers wannabe and fun for the rest.  It is clear that HRC Panamá wants to offer a positive experience and entertain its visitors.  Overall the atmosphere is EXCELLENT.


Service.  HRC presents a good floor organization, with floor managers, hosts, bartenders and waiters.  The staff is very friendly and attentive.  Hostess welcomes visitors at the door and escort them to the table.  Within a reasonable time, the waiter approaches the table to take drink and food orders.  Food arrived as expected.  Overall service was GOOD.

Food.  Hard Rock Cafe, Panamá menu is very traditional and have the typical choices you can find in any other HRC.  HRC Panamá menu includes some plates incorporating local ingredients.  Quality and flavors of HRC food are typical for the franchise restaurants, which offers rich and familiar tastes you get used to and seek regularly.  These are foods not easily prepared at home and are very satisfying.  They don’t blow your taste buds but really comfort them.


Drinks bring another dimension in play which complement the eating experience.  Either having a number of drinks before the meal, or having them after eating, they extend time spent at the restaurant and complements dinner.  There is a special mention to the draft beer, the local Atlas or Balboa, they are way superior to the bottled versions.

Overall the food at HRC is BETTER THAN AVERAGE.

Price.  HRC is not  the most expensive place; they want you to come back regularly.  The amount you spend will increase proportionally to the number of drinks you have.  However, food cost between $17-$22 per person.  The amount will vary depending on the appetizer and entrée.  Food in HRC is AFFORDABLE.

HRC Store

Overall Rating.  Having every single element nailed, our rating for Hard Rock Cafe Panamá is 4 STARS.  HRC is not the best restaurant out there but is definitely a very good one that will served and entertain you.

Our rating system is as follows:

5 Stars – We Cannot Wait to Return!
4 Stars – We Will Come Back Again
3 Stars – Some Day We Might Return
2 Stars – It Will Take Some Persuasion To Return
1 Star – I Don’t Think We Are Coming Back
0 Stars – You Won’t See Us Here Again

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