The Super Moon and the Lycanthrope’s Friends

The alarm went off.  George opened his eyes, stood up still sleepy, walked to the  TV stand, hit the snooze button, turned around, walked to the bed and went back to sleep.  He would probably go through the same routine two more times before waking up fully.  If the cell phone alarm was next to the bed, George wouldn’t wake up for an hour.  It was early in the morning of a Saturday.  George regretted working six days a week because there was no way to enjoy the weekend.  At least he had something to look forward to, it was poker night tonight.

Lincey had waited all day for a phone call. 

“Hello”, she said.

“Hi, how was your day?”, replied George noticing the tone, “It’s great to hear your voice.  Love you.”

“My day was OK, thanks.  Love you too.  At what time will you pick me up for the poker night.”, she was into poker too.  It was the best way to gamble without risking money.  Their friends played for fun, and if they bet anything, it would be a couple of bucks. 

George arrived at Lincey’s home at the agreed time.  She looked beautiful.  He had always loved her red curly hair and her gorgeous green eyes.   After a sweet kiss, they continued to Frank’s house.  They parked their car just behind Samantha’s car.  The night was cold and somewhat overcast.  He looked up to find the moon but it was hiding behind the clouds.  He had read there was going to be a “super moon” that night.   It was a shame it was overcast.  “Maybe later.”, he thought.

When they came in, they saw everybody had arrived.  As they entered Frank’s home, they greeted everybody.  Samantha was in the kitchen preparing some snacks.  Peter was setting up the table and the poker chips.  Frank pointed towards the back. On the balcony was Julian sitting on a beach chair right next to the cooler.  That interested George who offered a beer to Lincey and went to pick one for himself.

They probably had played for 3 hours, it was past midnight.  They were having a blast playing poker.  It was always fun to play poker but it was really an excuse to get together, chat a lot and drink a bit more.  George had lost count of how many beers he had drank.  He kissed Lincey on the cheek, who was right next to him, before standing up and announcing he needed to pee.

He went to the visitor bathroom on the first floor.  After releasing the load that was putting pressure on him, he washed his hands as he looked at his image in the mirror.  He still looked fresh.  As he glanced to the right he saw the moonshine on top of the toilet.  “Ahhh”, he remembered the super moon for tonight and got closer to the window.  “There she is.” It was the most beautiful moon he had ever seen.  It was really big and bright.  Then, the moon started turning red, “How weird.”  When he looked down at the white toiled, he realized the moon was not turning red.  He could also see the toilet red.  That’s when he returned to the mirror and saw his eyes were completely red.  “What’s going on?”  As he looked at the rest of his face, he stepped back.  He had long ears, he had fangs, he had hair all over the face!!  “Oh my God!”   He looked down at his hand, his nails had grown and the hands were full of hairs.  He didn’t dare moving. 

He took another look at the mirror and saw it.  He was looking at a werewolf!  He was paralyzed with fright.  He’ll be killed for sure.  His eyes meet the creature eyes in the mirror.  The werewolf was not moving either.  He started moving his head toward the door when the werewolf did the same. “Wait a minute…”.  Almost a minute passed, “I AM THE WEREWOLF!”, he yelled.

Lincey was waiting for George, it had been longer than needed.  She excused herself and walked to the bathroom and knocked at the door. 

George heard Lincey, looked at the door and jumped all the way to the window. 

 “Are you OK?”, inquired Lincey. 

“I’m..Ok…”, he replied. 

“You don’t sound so good.  Not another beer for you.  Hurry up, everyone is waiting.”

George couldn’t believe it.  He was a werewolf, he was an evil creature, he would kill everybody!  “What am I going to do?  These are my friends!  I cannot feed on them!”  He had to get out of there.  He looked again at the window.  It was very small.  He was sure he would not fit through it.  “Wait a minute, I have super strength”.   With that thought, George stepped back and ran to the window, crashing into it.  Instead of going through the window, he bounced back all the way to the door.

“Ouuch, that really hurt! What am I thinking? I don’t know a thing about being a werewolf!  Super strength my ass!”   George was trapped.  He had no other choice than to go out the front door and pass next to his friends.  “I will be strong.  I will go out there and resist the urges to eat everybody.  Yes!  I’m going to go out there and run outside and go far away.” 

That’s when he opened the door, ready to run as he never had before.  To his surprise, Lincey was standing close to the bathroom door.  George stopped in his track and froze again, not knowing what to do, not knowing what to say. 

“Are you going anywhere?”, said Lincey.  She had taken a close look at him from top to bottom, and there she was, standing in front of him, a werewolf, without any reaction at all!  George raised his hands to look at them.  He was still a werewolf!  He couldn’t believe or understand Lincey’s reaction.

“Hey dude, what’s going on? What were you doing in the restroom?”, he heard Frank say. 

“I’m …  a ….  werewooooo”, as he was saying that, George looked at the poker table and saw Frank.  He was also a werewolf!  And Peter too!  And nobody seem  frighten or anything!

“Here, catch!…you look like you need one”, said Julian as he threw a beer towards George.  The beer landed in the floor right next to George.

“Don’t act so dumb!  You are a werewolf and you are part of this pack.  When you go out with werewolves….you become one!  Not everyone is a werewolf of course, like Lincey, but who cares” , Frank said.

“But, but, but….aren’t we violent and blood thirsty?”

Everyone laughed.  “No, werewolves are not.”  Lincey picked up the beer, gave it to George, kiss him on the hairy cheek and holding his hand, pulled him to the poker table.  They continued playing and  laughing all night until morning.



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