Remembering the breeze

BUPrRMfIcAAt8hUIt’s amazing how we drift through life, floating, letting our “goals” take us wherever is “needed”. Life moves very fast, and when we look around, we sometimes feel we’re in a strange place… strange, unrecognizable and unfamiliar. What happened with the joy we experienced long ago when we were young? What happened with that place where we felt at home?

This summer was all about memories. But they weren’t memories of imagery recalled by the mind. No, I experienced my body’s memories; a recollection of feelings that were once part of me. Sensations I had forgotten, sensations I missed. Memories from my childhood when I used to spend the whole summer in a beach house at Mar del Sur.

Many years later, lost in the “pursuit of happiness”, chance introduced me to my new favorite place; a piece of nature where I spent all summer. The first time I walked into the apartment, as I approached the balcony, the ocean blew up into view. I suddenly felt well, calm and peaceful.

“Oh, what is that?” I thought, as the smooth breeze gently touched my body.

I had forgotten how it felt and the pleasure of standing facing the wind. My senses started remembering. The touch had missed the breeze. My sight was happy to see the ocean, the palm trees and the sand. My hearing had missed the melodies of wave crashing onto the beach in chord with the continuous notes of the palms dancing in the wind. My smell woke up to the friendly scent of the sea.

I went down to the beach to discover that not only my senses were excited to find old friends, but also that my body was delighted to share the moment with them. My feet joined the sand and started playing. The wave came and went as playing hide-and-seek. My hands, wanting to play, made me sit down.

There we sat together: the man, the senses, the mind, the body, nature, the sand, the waves, the sea, the palm trees and the wind; instantly familiar with each other, as if we had never departed. We were pleased with the profound friendship that endured the distance of time. Quietly, the sun crossed the sky watching us, taking care of us. The clouds brought in shades from time to time. The bluest of skies made everyone happy. And after a beautiful day, as the sun set in the horizon, I knew I was home again.

No Choice But to Keep Going

George looked at his watch. He raised his sight and looked out through the window. Was it too late to drive home? After all it was raining and one of the wiper of the car was missing.  He looked at his watch again and he made a decision. There was really no choice.  The exam was next morning and it was only the most important test ever that would validate all his college years.

It was going to be dark soon so he hurried up, packed all his stuff for the weekend and rechecked everything he needed.  He saw the calculator on top of his bedside table, right next to the broken sunglasses. What was he thinking?  He couldn’t forget the most important tool for the test.  He picked up the calculator, the car keys and his bag.  He opened the door.  It was raining hard now.  His car was not far away from the door.  He ran under the rain and nervously took more time to open the door than he normally would.  It was not going to be easy.  He looked at his watch for the third time.  It was 6:00 PM.  He thought he should be home by 9 o’clock.

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The Super Moon and the Lycanthrope’s Friends

The alarm went off.  George opened his eyes, stood up still sleepy, walked to the  TV stand, hit the snooze button, turned around, walked to the bed and went back to sleep.  He would probably go through the same routine two more times before waking up fully.  If the cell phone alarm was next to the bed, George wouldn’t wake up for an hour.  It was early in the morning of a Saturday.  George regretted working six days a week because there was no way to enjoy the weekend.  At least he had something to look forward to, it was poker night tonight.

Lincey had waited all day for a phone call. 

“Hello”, she said.

“Hi, how was your day?”, replied George noticing the tone, “It’s great to hear your voice.  Love you.”

“My day was OK, thanks.  Love you too.  At what time will you pick me up for the poker night.”, she was into poker too.  It was the best way to gamble without risking money.  Their friends played for fun, and if they bet anything, it would be a couple of bucks. 

George arrived at Lincey’s home at the agreed time.  She looked beautiful.  He had always loved her red curly hair and her gorgeous green eyes.   After a sweet kiss, they continued to Frank’s house.  They parked their car just behind Samantha’s car.  The night was cold and somewhat overcast.  He looked up to find the moon but it was hiding behind the clouds.  He had read there was going to be a “super moon” that night.   It was a shame it was overcast.  “Maybe later.”, he thought.
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