The Physician of Last Resort

The phone rang, and Bernard almost jumped off his chair.  The iPhone showed Mark’s name, phone number, and his Facebook photo.  He touched the screen to answer the call.  “We are on our way.  Are you ready?”  Mark asked.

Bernard looked for Joan, moved a bit to the left, and saw her packing some shoes and closing the bag.  “Yeah, we will be down to the lobby in ten.”


Bernard and Joan lived on a 20th floor of an apartment building.  The building was right in front of the bay, across the seafront.  It was a small apartment, but it fulfilled its purpose as a transitional location.  They never planned for the spectacular view and gorgeous sunsets.  Bernard gazed through the window; the sun was coming down, painting the sky with blue, red, and orange bands.  He sighed.  Joan approached Bernard, embracing him, and leaning her head on his shoulder.  Time paused for a moment as a perfect moment transpired.  The phone rang again; Mark had arrived.

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