Remembering the breeze

BUPrRMfIcAAt8hUIt’s amazing how we drift through life, floating, letting our “goals” take us wherever is “needed”. Life moves very fast, and when we look around, we sometimes feel we’re in a strange place… strange, unrecognizable and unfamiliar. What happened with the joy we experienced long ago when we were young? What happened with that place where we felt at home?

Sigue leyendo


My eyes opened to darkness.

It will not fade; the morning light fails.

My surroundings enveloped by gloominess.

I freely walk anywhere inside this jail.

Straight I move aimlessly.

Alone, the multitude confines me.

So many people walking closely,

Who’s the ghost in this scheme?

I yearn to feel the others’ heat.

The faceless bodies chill my bones.

I see them laugh and enjoy, upbeat,

They speak a strange language to my soul.

My sense of humor has served me well.

In the desert for the familiar I turn.

The evaporation has dried up the well.

Need a downpour of laughter when I return.